ExCo Recs: Catholic podcasts

Looking for some cool podcasts to listen to? Check out these podcasts recommended by this year’s ExCo!

Fr. Mike Schmitz podcast - Fr. Mike's popular Ascension Presents video series in audio form

Ascension Presents Podcasts - A collection of podcast series by Ascension Presents

Pints with Aquinas - Matt Fradd hosts this podcast series based on questions that St. Thomas addresses in his most famous work, The Summa Theologica.

The Lila Rose Show - A new podcast by pro-life activist Lila Rose, which explores questions about relationships, work, health, identity, purpose, and faith.

Learn more about Catholicism:
Catholic Stuff You Should Know | Spotify
Catholic Answers Live | Spotify
The Word on Fire | Spotify

For the guys:
The Catholic Man Show | Spotify
Those Catholic Men | Spotify

For the ladies:
The Catholic Feminist
Girlfriends (A Podcast for Catholic Women)

From America Media:
Jesuitical | Spotify
Deliver Us | Spotify
Inside the Vatican | Spotify

Spiritual Batteries | Apple Podcasts