New to Taizé?

We'll be singing some Taizé music at camp...but what is Taizé?

The Taizé (pronounced like tay-zay) community is an ecumenical monastic order in Taizé, France, made up of 100+ brothers from Catholic and Protestant traditions. The songs are short phrases (usually lines from/inspired by Scripture) that we repeat over and over for contemplation/meditation. 

You can listen to our setlist on Spotify or YouTube:

Some songs are in Latin, so check out this helpful Latin pronunciation guide. It’s very similar to English, but here are some tips to note:

ae = eh (for example, prae => preh)
ti (when followed by a vowel) = tsee (for example, benedictio => ben-eh-dic-tsee-oh)
ui = ooh-ee
qu = (say it like it's English like "quote", not like Spanish like "quesadilla")

Taizé tends to be a favorite part of CACCLC for many — we hope you enjoy it!

Humans of CACCLC: Grace


"After years of persistence by our Texas friend, Fr. Reuben Chen, I finally agreed to make the effort to come all the way to Cali for a promised epic weekend of faith, friends, and fun times at a retreat called CACCLC. My Labor Day weekend last year did not disappoint…to say the least. Who knew there was the biggest group of Chinese Catholics I had ever seen in California (of all places), who were not only interested in giving up their Labor Day weekend to go on retreat, but were absolutely on fire about our Catholic faith! This was the first retreat in a while where I could simply sit back and be a participant, and God knew this was exactly where I needed to be. I was blessed by the passion of all those around me with whom God helped reinvigorate my faith. I walked away knowing that in a day and age where Catholics seem to have to fight an ever-uphill battle, boldly being a witness for others can have a bigger impact than you think. So if you’re on the fence about going to CACCLC for the first time, the second time, or even the tenth time, don’t wait years and years like I did. Just do it, y’all.”

— Grace C, Houston, TX

Humans of CACCLC: Cecilia


"When I was first invited to attend CACCLC in 2014, I thought, oh, this is probably just another one of those Catholic retreats that are boring, why would I want to go? Being quiet and shy around new people, I was reluctant to go because I always end up standing in the corner, alone and scared, but eventually, I gave in. One of the first things I learned was that a camp is very different from a retreat. There was a good mix of energy and serenity throughout the weekend, and I was greeted by friendly welcomes from Chinese Catholic campers at various stages in their faith. I was very touched by the amount of kindness these campers had towards new people and felt as if it was a reunion more than a “I just met these people a few days ago.” You never know who you’ll meet at camp and the experience you’ll get out of it, and I was very glad I decided to go. There has been no other place where I can be in this same environment, surrounded by other Chinese Catholics, and this is an something I will cherish and share with these friends for many years to come."

- Cecilia V, Alhambra

Humans of CACCLC: Jacqueline

“I had been passively looking for a young adult group for some time without much success, when one day, my dad randomly brought home a CACCLC flier from his Chinese church. Although it piqued my interest, I was a little hesitant to go alone. I tried to coerce my brother into coming along but he stubbornly refused (typical). After much doubt and deliberation, I convinced myself to just go. When I arrived, I was shocked to find so many Chinese Catholics under the age of 50 gathered in one place that weren’t related to me! I felt like I had stumbled into a nest of rare and mythical beings! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I didn’t feel out of place at all. I had such a lovely experience participating in Taize for the first time, brainstorming hilariously ridiculous skits, singing off key during praise & worship, and making new friends who could relate to me both culturally and spiritually. And the best part was, I discovered that a young adult bible study group had just been started in my area with some of these amazing people! Hallelujah!! So “if today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” Don’t delay! Come today! CACCLC will allow you to nourish your FAITH, foster new FRIENDSHIPS, and have a whole lot of FUN!

P.S. My brother finally attended camp several years later and loved it (can I say “I told you so!”) We are both repeat customers now!"

— Jacqueline K, Alhambra


Humans of CACCLC: Matthew


"Before I went to CACCLC last year I found myself in a state of just going through the motions with my faith. I reached one of those points where my faith was stale, uninspired, and stagnant. I think CACCLC really helped to reawaken my passion for Christ, particularly through the faith-sharing, testimonies, and presence of other Catholics and priests who are also struggling on their journeys to holiness. It helped serve as a reminder for me that I am not alone in my faith journey and that the reward is so worth the struggle."

— Matthew W, San Diego

Introducing Fr. James L. Heft

Hello CACCLC 2018 campers! It is truly my joy to introduce Fr. James Heft as this year’s spiritual director.

Fr. Jim has an impressive background as a historian, a professor, a Marianist priest, and the president of Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at USC (IACS). But the Fr. Jim I want to share with you is a dear friend and loving mentor who gives the best bear hugs and has a great singing voice.