General questions

What is CACCLC?
California Chinese Catholic Living Camp (CACCLC) is a vibrant community of young adults throughout the state of California who meet annually for a camp retreat over Labor Day Weekend. We have talks by a guest spiritual director, small group discussions, Mass, fun large group activities, music, games, and more! Learn more about our mission  here.

When/where is CACCLC?
CACCLC is always held over Labor Day Weekend, from Friday night to Monday early afternoon. Check CACCLC 2019 for more details about when and where camp is this year!

Do I have to be Chinese to attend CACCLC? 
Nope! Although the roots of our camp are in the Chinese Catholic community, we welcome friends of any ethnicity to join us at camp. We usually have many non-Chinese friends and family who regularly join us at camp, including those from Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Latino, Caucasian, and mixed backgrounds.

Do I need to understand Chinese to attend CACCLC?
No, almost all of the camp is conducted in English; we do provide Mandarin/English translations for Mass parts and Mass readings. There are also separate small groups for those who prefer sharing in Mandarin or Cantonese.

Do I have to be Catholic to attend CACCLC?
Nope! You're most welcome to join us, regardless of your faith background. We typically have several non-Catholics at CACCLC and just ask that you be respectful to our Catholic traditions and keep an open heart during all the activities and discussions during the camp.

Do I have to be from California to attend CACCLC?
No, we usually have a few people fly in from out of state to attend CACCLC! If you're willing to make the trip, we're happy to have you!

Is there a minimum age requirement for CACCLC?
Yes, the minimum age requirement for CACCLC is 18. Attendees must reach the age of 18 by the time they register for CACCLC. Talks, seminars, discussion and workshops are designed for a more mature audience, from college students to working young adults. 

Who runs CACCLC?
CACCLC is organized by a different team of young adult volunteers across California every year—meet this year's ExCo! These are past campers with a passion to make the next camp an awesome experience. ExCo are not paid, so this is 100% a volunteer effort in our time outside of work/school.

How can I support CACCLC?
There are many ways to support us! You can donate, pray for us, or help spread the word about CACCLC!



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