Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?

It's summer, it's hot, and you can't wait to jump into the swimming pool at CACCLC...but where can you find a modest AND fashionable swimsuit? Here are a couple sites that my friends and I have found good swimwear from:

Jessica Rey
Cute one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, and swim dresses drawing inspiration from Audrey Hepburn—timeless and feminine. Ethically made in LA and made with eco-friendly fabrics. Founded by a Catholic woman!

Seea is actually a women's surfing brand, so they have one-piece swimsuits and even rashguards and wetsuits if you prefer longer sleeves! I personally really like their fabric pattern combinations and cuts. Seea suits are also a 100% Californian product, and some of their suits are exclusively designed for Anthropologie!

Speaking of Anthropologie, they have a few cute one-piece swimsuits too! I like this giraffe Onia Kelly One-Piece Swimsuit and this fun kiwi-like Onia Kelly One-Piece Swimsuit

Okay, so maybe you don't want to shell out $100-150 for a swimsuit, and your budget is more like $30-50. Target.com has a decently large selection of one-pieces and tankinis, thanks to these being in fashion right now. My favorite finds from Target include this laser-cut high neck one and this cute swim romper.

If you just want to find the most affordable swimsuit, I am fairly certain you can find a solid basic one-piece swimsuit for a decent price ($10-20?) on the infinite abyss that is Amazon. And maybe it will even ship in 2 days if you have Prime!


Wait, what is modesty and why should I care?

The way we dress says something about ourselves to the world. Through modesty, a woman tells the world that she has more to offer than her body—and lets everyone focus on her as a whole person instead, revealing her dignity and value. How we present ourselves commands the reverence we deserve and presents the opportunity to be truly cherished, valued, and loved. 

Sisters, I pray you know how good and beautiful you are, and that you use your beauty to always lead others to Christ.

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Ascension Presents: Leah Darrow on Modesty - Leah Darrow, former contestant of America's Next Top Model, explains the Catholic approach to modesty and how it's about more than just fashion.


Guest author: Melissa