Humans of CACCLC: Justin


"When I first arrived at CACCLC, I was skeptical about how the camp would go. I lost my faith during the time I spent in college, and I only attended to accompany one of my friends. I questioned if I would have a good time, wondering if it was really worth spending a whole weekend here. But soon after, all doubts were cleared when I met all the amazing people at CACCLC. Some were college students like me who had fallen away from the faith in college, as they shared their wonderful stories about how they were able to get it back. At first, even after hearing all their anecdotes, I still didn’t really comprehend. For once, I didn’t have the resource to calculate an answer or formulate a hypothesis, like I did in all my science classes. It was during Adoration, when I closed my eyes to listen to the music. It took me a while, but I finally understood why I had fallen in the first place. I was always too focused on school work and too worried about not getting into medical school. All I needed to do was to pray and let God do the rest.

Looking back now, CACCLC was an eye opening occasion for me, and I still believe that God is steering me in the right direction. Even if you’re not sure about going, give it a try. I guarantee that the weekend will be one of the best you’ve ever had."

- Justin C, Los Gatos